Creating a multi-market Collagen Packaging for Correxiko

  multi-market Collagen Packaging by AC Creative Studios


Sector: Food Supplement & Vitamins
Product: Collagen Packaging Design
Packaging: Gloss Stand up Pouch 5oz and 15oz
Printer SupplierRoastar

Correxiko is a UK business that has a different approach to the nutritional supplements.  It was founded because one of the founders, formerly with a NYC hedge fund, couldn’t find any beauty supplements that worked for her. Her gastroenterologist, now co-founder and business partner, spoke at length about the ingredients, and he explained ‘appropriate’ doses in those trialled brands, explaining how pointless these
ingredients were in terms of absorption and making an actual difference to her skin, some products containing sugars and, incredibly, ingredients that were harmful to her body.

And so, Correxiko was born. They arrived in California in 2016.


At the beginning our mission was to create a Marine Collagen Packaging for their new product for the US Market. Closer to the end of this project they decided to create two more versions for the UK market.

After an intense work of research we decided to make a clean packaging design to create the idea of a serenity and calm sea.

We developed this packaging using shades of blue colors icons specially developed for this product.