Making a Beauty Product Line Label Design
for Renuture.


About the Project

Sector: Beauty and Cosmetics.
Product: Beauty Product Line Label Design
Packaging: Bottle and Jar Labels
Printer Supplier: Kellie Olver
Client: Kellie Olver

Kellie is an internationally recognized Home Shopping TV Host and health and wellness expert, determined to grow younger every year. She is one of the foremost experts in SKIN AGING and teaches the importance of collagen replenishment for youthful looking skin as well as health of the entire body. Kellie has created an inside outside approach with targeted products to combat the visible and invisible signs of aging.

Our Mission

Our Mission for this project is to create a modern and clean label design for the launching of Renuture brand.

We developed these label design using colors and fonts well balanced to differentiate this product from others on this crowded segment.

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