Araguari: The Jewel of Brazil’s Coffee Capital

Brazil is known to be the world’s largest coffee producers and exporters, and at the center of all the process is the coffee capital Minas Gerais.

Some facts and figures about the state:

  • 2.5 million acres of coffee plantations

  • The state contributes in 50% of the country’s coffee harvest

  • 80% of the coffee produced in Brazil is Arabic coffee

Araguari lies in the heart of Minas Gerais’s brewing. At altitudes higher than 2600ft, temperatures in between 65-75°F and regular rain, making it the perfect spot to cultivate and produce coffee beans.



Who is presenting This Coffee

This Coffee is presenting by Thousand Suns Enterprises.

They are the 3rd generation of Coffee Producers and a trader company, here in the USA.

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