How it Works?

How much it costs? 

I work thinking always as a project.
Each project has a different job and effort to do. It always depend of what you want.
Here some information that you need to know and provide before start our project.

  1. Who is your supplier?
  2. Do you have their templates?
  3. What type of bag or label do you want?
  4. Do you know what you want to put at each side of the bag (front, back, left, right, bottom)?
  5. Have you decided about bag type, valve, tin tie and material (gloss, matte, laminated..)?
  6. Do you have an identity manual for your company, like colors, font, or any rules about design?
  7. How do you define your style (for bags): formal, fun, young, ..)?
  8. How many designs do you need?
  9. Have you decided about product Name?
  10. Do you want to put other information in your bag like website, online store, instructions to prepare?
  11. Do you have a bar code or UPC number?
  12. When is your due date for this project?

What is my job and yours?

As a Designer my job is understand your project, transform your idea in a product and of course  charge you for that.

As my customer it is your responsibility know your product and give all information necessary to make it works.

When we work together your product comes to life easy and fast.

What are my deliverables?

I delivery 3 times during our project:
Concept or First Draft - It is my first idea about your project. We are going talk about general design, colors, information and style.

Prototype - It is our almost closed product after you approve all major designs and questions on Concept stage. We are working just on details at this time.

Final Kit - You are going receive an Invoice and all files ready-to-print. I will send you a link with your PDF files. These files are ready to order with your supplier. 

What happen if you have a problem with your Final Kit?

We are humans and we make mistakes. Don't worry.

If you have technical problems with your Final Kit when you send to your supplier or they send you a technical message you can contact me without costs.

I will fix it.


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